Floor Pumps

Topeak Joeblow Booster Floor Pump

It just got a whole lot easier to pump up tubeless tires, thanks to the Topeak Joeblow Booster Floor Pump. The Booster has an integrated aluminum air chamber that stores an air charge of one liter up to 160psi to quickly fill your tires and insure the proper installation on a tubeless rim. No more frustrating leaks because you can't get air in there fast enough to seal the bead. And with this pump, once the tire is mounted, you can turn the selector from "CHARGE" to "INFLATE" mode to pump air directly into your tire and fine tune pressure as with a standard pump. The top-mounted easy to read gauge, air release button and comfortable Kraton grip, combined with its extra-long hose and stable base makes mounting any tire a breeze. This fits both Presta and Schrader valves. It essentially replaces an air compressor.

MSRP: $159 | Where to buy: Jenson USA, Amazon

Jenson USA Airblast Tubeless Pump

Similar pump to the Topeak Booster, Jenson's Tubeless aluminum Floor pump features a reliable steel handle that's shaped ergonomically for easy gripping. The 6063 Aluminum barrel is fitted with a 2.5" top mounted gauge that's precise and easy to read. A steel standing pad is fitted to the base to assure stability and offer easy cadence while pumping. The GCT-TU pump head uses a switchblade lever to clamp on to valves, and the fill in tank is specifically designed to inflate tubeless tires with ease. No more trips to the bike shop to get those tubless tires inflated.

MSRP: $119 US | Where to buy: Jenson USA

Lenzyne Digital Overdrive HV Pump

Not a dual canister pump like to two above,  the Lenzyne is a super accurate pump that is capable to inflate tubeless tires due to maximizing air flow for mountain bike tires. Due to this, the max PSI is 60. Lenzyne pumps are a work of art and amazing quality.

MSRP: $109 US | Where to buy: Jenson USA

Carry Pumps

Oneup Components EDC Pump

High Volume and light weight, the EDC pump will make quick repair of a trail side flat. No more 100 strokes to get your tire inflated trail side! This is set up to pair with the EDC multi tool from Oneup which is the James Bond of tool carry systems.

MSRP: $58.99 US | Where to buy: Jenson USA

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