20 Inch Front Suspension Bikes

This is one of our favorite categories although the waters start to muddy. Big brands start to compete but often don't match the weights and fork/parts spec of kids specific brands. Avoid coil forks and look for hydraulic disc brakes to get the most out of these amazing little bikes. Also, no bike in this category should be over 25 lbs in our opinion (under 22 lbs if no drive train). While we start to see full suspension available in 20 inch bikes, its tough to ignore the weight and efficiency benefits of a hard tail in most circumstances. Here's our picks for the 6-9 crowd.

Flow Kids Bikes 20

Available in 16 and 20 inch wheel sizes and adjustable geometry (reach adjust plus HA 67/68), this bike also has a big fit range. You can basically set it up as a  dirt jumper or trail bike; It's awesome. An 80mm air fork with rebound adjust, grippy maxxis tires and 11-36 cassette, the suspension works with even the littlest of riders. Home mechanics will love the adjustable drop outs, easy to bleed mineral oil brakes, threaded BB (although increases q factor a bit) and standard sized parts. We just took delivery of this bike and are blown away.

Weight: 19-23 lbs | MSRP: $950-$1400 |  Where to buy: Flow Kids Bikes

Prevelo Zulu 3

This is a mountain bike in every way ready to punch above normal 20 inch pedal bikes. We put the Zulu Three through the ringer over the last 4 months with test riders from age 6 to 10. With a 50 mm travel Spiner Air fork, Zee clutch derailleur, 2.1 inch kenda tires,and hydraulic disc brakes, the Zulu 3 is home dirt jumping, railing singletrack and blasting curbs around the neighborhood. Hold on to your hat's Mom and Dad...its about to get wild. OUR REVIEW HERE

Weight: 23.4 lbs | MSRP: $899 | Min-Max seat height: 22.8"-28" |  Where to buy: Prevelo

Commencal Meta HT+

New for 2018, this is a very interesting bike. A 100 mm air fork, hydraulic brakes, Sram X5 drive train, plus size 2.6 inch wide kenda tires and weighing in at 23 lbs, this little machine offers a lot of value and unique offering. Short chain stays and 67.5 degree HA, this is going rip the downhills in a very fun way...oh to be 6- 9 years old again.

Weight: 23.1 lbs | MSRP: $899 | fit: 3'9"-4'5" |  Where to buy: Ready Set Pedal

Spawn Kotori 20

We love this dedicated 20 inch dirt jumper. Alloy frame, spinner air fork and great part spec, this little bike will raise any little grom's jump game. It also makes for a great trail bike as you can bolt on a derailleur and ad a front disc brake. Versatile and well built, this is a great 20 inch offering.

Weight: 22 lbs | MSRP: $900 on sale now | Min-Max inseam: 19"-25" |  Where to buy: Spawn

Early Rider Belter 3S 20

Cool belt driven 3 spd grip shift enabled trail slasher. The Spinner Air fork, knobby tires, and light weight build rounds out a great bike for those kids looking to hit the trails with Mom and Dad. The only thing we would have like to see is hydraulic discs rather than mechanical disc brakes.

Weight: 21 lbs | MSRP: $849 | Stand over 22.5 inches |  Where to buy: Jenson USA

Spawn Yama Jama 20

One of the nicest dedicated trail bikes we have seen. The Yama Jama pushes the envelope with wide tubeless capable rims and a carbon lower/rebound adjustable 80 mm fork. Light Weight and progressive geometry with a relatively slack 68 degree HA inspires confidence. With an 11-36 T 10 speed sram drive train, Spawn has pushed kids bikes to a new level. 

Weight: 21.5 lbs | MSRP: $1050 | Min-Max seat inseam: 19"-24" |  Where to buy: Spawn

Torp Bite 20

A beautiful steel hard tail by another passionate Dad wanting a better bike. An 80 mm Spinner fork with a 68 degree HA, this bike is fantastic. A 10 Spd 11-36 cassette Sram drive train with 125 mm cranks, this bike fits nicely in the mix with the other top 20 inch hard tails.

Weight: 22.3 lbs (without pedals) | MSRP: $1204 | Min inseam: 19.5" |  Where to buy: Torp

Propain Dreckspatz

This bike looks amazing! Super light, a 68.5 HA, 11-25 rear cassette, and 100 mm travel carbon fork makes the Dreckspatz a single track 20 inch destroyer. Not distributed in North America, you will have to figure out shipping, import duties and taxes.

Weight: 19 lbs | MSRP: $1070 USD | Where to buy: Propain Bikes

Slater Gateway

Many options for this rad little frame. 16/18/20 inch wheel builds with the option for rigid or suspension fork, you can also go with a single speed DJ build or opt for a 7 spd trail killer. Another family pouring the passion of shredding bikes into amazing kids bikes. Reach out and these guys can get your kin railing berms and airing doubles in no time.

MSRP: $900-$1500 US |  Where to buy: Slater Bikes

Little Shredder Icon

With two top tube lengths available and the ability to run both 16 and 20 inch wheels, this frame is truly amazing. The smaller frame in a 16 inch wheel format will accommodate a rider as small as 3 feet tall. The larger frame and 20 inch wheel setting will fit up to 4 foot 6. You also have the ability to customize the bike as a dirt jumper or a trail bike complete with drive train. We have this bike and its on kiddo number three, it is truly incredible.

Weight: 18- 22 lbs | MSRP: $1950-$2250 US |  Where to buy: Little Shredder


  1. Have you had the chance to look at the 20″ selection from Commencal? I like what I am seeing from those folks

    • Totally, those two bikes are great and very similar. Can’t go wrong with either. Spawn might have HT on weight with tubeless setup and a little extra range in cassette.

  2. Thanks for taking a look at the bikes. Our little shredder tried out the Scott 20+ and even though she can barely fit on it she took to it and loved it. Thinking I am going to see if I can set the HT up tubeless. I didnt see a weight number for the Spawn, do you happen to know?

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