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Woom 2 Review

Like the other Woom bikes we have tried, the Woom 2 exceeded our expectations. Woom thinks of everything in this 14 inch wheel design and the details shine. Light weight and fantastic beginner/upright geometry make this an ideal pedal bike for 3 or 4 year olds learning to pedal. With such a bike, transitioning from a balance bike to pedal bike is easy and fun. Thanks to Woom for delivering us a purple Woom 2 to facilitate this review.

Woom 2 Details:

  • Intended Age- 3 to 4
  • Weight- 11.3 lbs (with the free-wheel kit)
  • Min- Max seat height- 17 to 20 inches
  • Features- Alloy frame and parts, kenda small block tires, steering limiter, small diameter grips, sealed bearings, free wheel option, short reach brake levers, kickstand and bell
  • MSRP- $339 USD
  • Available at- Woom Bikes
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The Bike Dads' Take:

"We love the Woom line of bikes for kids learning to pedal and the woom 2 is no exception. The combination of  low q factor (width between feet), easy gear (25T/16T),  67 degree head angle (slackest in category by 2 degrees), low BB, light weight and upright geometry was perfect. I was shocked how easily and confidently my rather timid just 3 year old picked up pedaling. Two pounds lighter than the nearest competitor, it was noticeable how easy it was to maneuver and control. We were on single-track, dirt jumps and in the skate park within the first week! " -Colin

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  1. I’m torn between this bike (Woom 2) and the Spawn Yogi 14″ for my little man who turns 2 next month. He’s big for his age at 35″ and his inseam is 13″ and while he may not be ready to transition from his stampede charger balance bike right now to pedaling, grandma wants to buy him his next bike, so it will be there when he’s ready (what an awesome grandma!). My only concern was the minimum seat height on the Woom 2 is almost 3″ higher than the Yogi 14″. But on the other hand, if he’s not ready to pedal for a couple months, than he might ready (height wise) by then to fit on the Woom 2. I know they’re both great bikes, just wondering your take as you have tried versions of both with your kids. Thanks!

    • Yep, both great bikes, first world problem here. I would keep him on the balance bike as long as possible. When they start asking for a pedal bike is when its time for cranks. In short, the woom is slacker and has a longer wheel base while the spawn is more bmx geometry. More dirt oriented tires on the spawn and smaller minimum seat height for the real small kiddos. The woom is a couple pounds lighter and more rise in the handle bar. Have Fun!

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