Thule RideAlong Mini on a FatBike-One Dad’s tail…

I started with the Thule RideAong when Daniela was 15 months old and continued to use till she reached 15 kilos. 
My daughter loved every mile on the front seat and I would say that it helped with preparation for her attempts to ride bikes at 25 months old.
The seat and shoe holders are amazing, the straps are good for smaller kids with simple one click locking. With kids over 85cms, the straps tend to slide off the shoulders and it can make you somewhat nervous. That said, the passenger has fixed legs so getting out of the seat is highly unlikely. Dani never fell asleep in the seat and we manged 50km in the woods for our longest ride, she was excited all of the time.
The windshield looks like overkill but it helps against dust, branches, bees and wasps... & rain or snow.
How about the Fatboy?
Well...the fat tires help in mud, rocks and snow. You are riding with an extra 12-16 kilos on the front wheel so the big wheels allow to  go wherever you want. I am 190cm tall and had no issues handling the bike with a toddler in the seat. Smaller bikers may want to test the seat prior to purchasing to be sure its a good fit.
People were taking pictures of the bike wherever I went. Some people do not fancy the attention...but this is an odd looking setup so be prepared. 
One negative is transportation of the fatbike,  it is truly big. In case any of you are looking at fatbikes with a kid carrier, avoid carbon forks as you cannot mount seats on the fork. I'm looking for a different bike now because I have no way to carry her Woom2 around except hooking the trolley! Check out the Thule RideAlong  Mini here.
 Mira Masku
Prague, Czech Republic
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