Islabikes Beinn 24 Review

Islabikes exude quality and craftsmanship. This UK brand made its way to the US a few years ago and started the stampede of quality kids bike manufactures. They saw the need early and have flushed out a line of kids bikes that even the most discerning Mom and Dad bike snob can be amazed by. […]


Introducing Trailcraft Cycles

“Create the lightest and most high performing mountain bikes in the kids market,” a Colorado couple’s mission to take kids bikes to a whole new level. Trailcraft Cycles was born out of passion by parents who love mountain biking and sharing that love with their kids. Focusing on 24 and 26 hard tails and full […]


Prevelo Zulu Three Review

We love this category of bikes, 20 inch hardtails with an air fork. Prevelo brings a true mountain bike to market for the 6-9 year old crowd. Be honest with yourselves, if your child is prone to neighborhood riding, tarmac and light trails use, check out the alpha line of bikes from this great company. […]


Prevelo Alpha Zero Review

This Bike jumps to a top pick. Ticking all the boxes: reverse mounted V-brake, short reach lever, light alloy frame, sealed bearings, low stand over via a step through frame, and fantastic tires, any kid would excel on this little bike. We have put some serious miles on this little ripper of a bike and […]


Prevelo Bikes is here!

It keeps getting better and better.  Prevelo bikes enters the kids’ bike market with a line of bikes from Balance on up to 24 inch. Freewheel kit for the 14 inch and stock 16 inch freewheel have us salivating at the thought of more rad bikes for kids. This small California start-up is a family […]


Yedoo TooToo Review

Some balance bikes border on the classification of a toy. The Yedoo Too Too alloy does not, this is a proper bike in the smallest of packages. Beautiful welds and packed full of cool features, have a look at our video review to see why this bike makes are list of balance bikes to consider. […]


Spawn Rokkusuta 20 inch Review

The Spawn Rokkusuta 20 inch was born to get more 5-8 year olds out in lift accessed bike park terrain. We had our 5 year old give it a go in the world famous Whistler Bike Park and the all mountain trails that surround our community bike park.  A  scaled down forward geometry trail ripper, […]

Early Rider Wide Bars


Early Rider brings a trail slaying 14 inch diameter fat bike to the kindergarten masses.  Known for innovative and light weight bikes for kids, Early Rider provides something truly unique  in the balance bike market.  If your little one likes to get rowdy at the community bike park and rip single track, read on… Earl […]

woom 3 cover 2

Woom 3 Review

It’s a good time to be a 4-6 year old bike rider. Woom has entered the European and North American markets with a line of fantastic bikes.  The attention to detail on these bikes is second to none.  They have really taken the time to design and manufacture bikes that we could only have dreamed […]

Early Rider Trail Runner XL

First Look: The Early Rider Trail Runner XL

Jack and I are mountain bikers.  Realizing there was a fat/plus size balance bike available from Early Rider made us smile and want one…really bad.  Thanks to the folks at NRG Enterprises, we have got our hands on this little beast of a bike for a couple months to shred the local trails and driveway. […]


Reader Question: Spawn, Isla, Woom oh my!

With more and more manufacturers of quality kids bikes coming to market, it can be hard now to choose.  Nuances do exist so it’s worth your time to look at the details. This Question comes to us from Jaime Hello. Wondering if you could give me some help! Can’t decide on the Beinn 20, Woom […]

Ice Cream

Getting Kids Motivated to Ride Bikes

Every Winter I wonder if my eldest will be as “stoked” to ride come Spring as he was the previous Fall. We are lucky enough to be able to ride all year round but the relentless rain and damp/cold days in the Pacific Northwest definitely cramp the desire to get on the bike. My kids […]

youtube thumb banshee

Spawn Banshee Review

Spawn is a small kids’ bike manufacturer out of Squamish, Canada.  Born out of the lack of quality kids’ bikes, Spawn set out to design and manufacture bikes that were lighter and had better components than what was previously available.  The passion of those behind this company is evident in every detail of their bikes- […]