Introducing Trailcraft Cycles

“Create the lightest and most high performing mountain bikes in the kids market,” a Colorado couple’s mission to take kids bikes to a whole new level. Trailcraft Cycles was born out of passion by parents who love mountain biking and sharing that love with their kids. Focusing on 24 and 26 hard tails and full […]


Prevelo Bikes is here!

It keeps getting better and better.  Prevelo bikes enters the kids’ bike market with a line of bikes from Balance on up to 24 inch. Freewheel kit for the 14 inch and stock 16 inch freewheel have us salivating at the thought of more rad bikes for kids. This small California start-up is a family […]

Marcus Ihlenfeld und Christian Bezdeka

Get to Know WOOM Bikes- Ten Questions

Here at we have tried a lot of quality kids bikes and one of our absolute favorite kids’ bike companies is WOOM bikes.  The weight, craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. We spoke with WOOM co-founders Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld from Vienna, Austria, along with the North American WOOM USA distributor Mathias […]

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Biking While Pregnant

As the Bike Dads, we know a lot about biking and we’re on a journey to get our kids into the biking lifestyle. You may be thinking, what on earth do we know about being pregnant? The short answer, nothing! That’s why we asked a few biker Mamas for their thoughts on riding while pregnant. […]

Early Rider Trail Runner XL

First Look: The Early Rider Trail Runner XL

Jack and I are mountain bikers.  Realizing there was a fat/plus size balance bike available from Early Rider made us smile and want one…really bad.  Thanks to the folks at NRG Enterprises, we have got our hands on this little beast of a bike for a couple months to shred the local trails and driveway. […]


First Look: Tyke Toter

We were stoked to see this in the mailbox yesterday! I first found out about the Tyke Toter while researching a similar style of seat  that was having production delays.  We outlined these new front mounted style of seats in a previous post but we had not yet tried any of them…until today. The Tyke Toter arrived and […]

crash lukas

Bumps, Bruises and Crashes

Taking a spill is inevitable while learning to ride a bike.  Kids’ learn by testing their limits,  whether its asking for cake for dinner 7 nights in a row or leaning their balance bike on a 65 degree angle to make the turn at the bottom of the driveway.  The urge to cover them in […]


A Different Kind of Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

We are big fans of front mounted bike seats. They position the child in front of you, allowing them to see ahead and anticipate what’s coming ahead. Further, the weight is distributed equally over the bike which offers a very stable ride, even at slow speeds.  A limitation of front mounted and defiantly rear mounted […]

Full Face

Kids Full Face Helmets

The Time We Forgot the Full Face Helmet We travelled to Sweden this past Summer and decided to bring my son’s 16 inch Spawn Banshee for him to cruise around Stockholm and the surrounding countryside.  We packed light and ditched the full face helmet for his half shell as we had no intention of hitting […]


The First Pedal Bike

Teaching a child to ride a bike is rewarding.  The emotions of seeing your kin pedal off down the block for the first time is amazing.  Making sure their first few attempts on pedals are successful is essential.  As a parent, you can set up your little one up for success by picking the right […]

Spawn Furi

The Resale Value of Quality Kids’ Bikes

The resale value of good kids’ bikes may be surprising- You get what you pay for.  This statement holds true for kid’s bikes and equipment.  I’m a thrifty guy but I overcome any impulse to cheap out when it comes to kids’ bike gear.  From experience, the cheap knee pads, gloves or 12 inch pedal […]