Prevelo Zulu Three Review

We love this category of bikes, 20 inch hardtails with an air fork. Prevelo brings a true mountain bike to market for the 6-9 year old crowd. Be honest with yourselves, if your child is prone to neighborhood riding, tarmac and light trails use, check out the alpha line of bikes from this great company. If they are wanting to rip singeltrack, bust jumps and rail on. Thanks to Prevelo for supplying the bike so we can shed some light.

Prevelo Zulu Three Details:

  • Intended Age: 6 to 9 (measure inseam  and compare to min seat height for best fit)
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs
  • Min/Max Seat Height: 22.8-28.0 inches
  • Features: 50 mm travel Spinner air fork, 2.1 kenda tires, 11-34 cassette, Zee clutch derailleur, low BB, 67 degree HA
  • MSRP: $899 USD
  • Available at: Prevelo

The Bike Dads' Take:

"In the sub $1000 price point, this is one of the best geared front suspension 20 inch bike we have seen. Make not mistake, this is a mountain bike in every way ready to punch above normal 20 inch pedal bikes. We put the Zulu Three through the ringer over the last 4 months with test riders from age 6 to 10. At home dirt jumping, railing singletrack and blasting curbs around the neighborhood, hold on to your hat's Mom and Dad...its about to get wild ." -Colin

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