Laser Nut'z MIPS

Safer Kids Bike Helmets

As adults most people don’t fall off their bicycles that often.  For some reason I am still a big kid and like to push my limits and lets just say I have hit my head more times than I like to admit. However, I recently was introduced to a helmet with MIPS technology.  It is […]


Bike Check MEC Midtown

Customize your bike to fit your needs as a parent and mule- This is my wife’s trusty steed that we both use to haul the kids around the neighbourhood.  It’s a MEC Midtown townie equipped with an ibert front toddler seat and DIY balance bike carrier. We use it almost daily, be it a trip […]


DIY Bike Storage Rack

I have a work bench.  It has a vise and is full of tools.  Their is a lot of WD 40 on its shelf.  Between my engineer Dad and carpenter/architect father-in-law I have received a bottle of said WD40 for Christmas the last four years.  No bottle has ever been sprayed. I am not a […]


Just Say No to the Coaster Brake

With 20 inch wheel bikes (typically ages 6 and up), hand brakes are almost always provided and with good reason.  However, when it comes to 12, 14 and 16 inch pedal bikes, not only is difficult to find a good bike geometry and fit wise, it is also difficult to find a bike with a […]

Spawn Furi

The Resale Value of Quality Kids’ Bikes

The resale value of good kids’ bikes may be surprising- You get what you pay for.  This statement holds true for kid’s bikes and equipment.  I’m a thrifty guy but I overcome any impulse to cheap out when it comes to kids’ bike gear.  From experience, the cheap knee pads, gloves or 12 inch pedal […]

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Winter Fat Biking with a Kids’ Trailer on Skis

Step 1- Keep Your Kids Warm and Entertained in the Bike Trailer Some people say kids are like little furnaces and I agree to a certain point. Kids’ bodies stay warm when you dress them up right but their extremities always seem to fluctuate. Proper gloves or boots are important, but making sure layers are […]