From Womb to Downhill Trail in 4 years

Jack and I are mountain bikers. From the moment we met our little kiddos we thought “I can’t wait to go trail riding with you.” Reality soon set in and we realized it’s time just to survive the sleepless nights, bottle cleaning, and dirty diapers. Around 6 or 7 months sleep returned (kinda) and the […]

Balance Bike BMX3

Balance Bike BMX Racing

BMX racing  seems to be on a surge of late with loads of kids entering the sport each year.  The Balance Bike/Strider class of racing is probably responsible for part of this surge in addition to  the high profile Olympic competition in Beijing and London. We decided to head out one weekend to our local […]

Laser Nut'z MIPS

Safer Kids Bike Helmets

As adults most people don’t fall off their bicycles that often.  For some reason I am still a big kid and like to push my limits and lets just say I have hit my head more times than I like to admit. However, I recently was introduced to a helmet with MIPS technology.  It is […]


Bike Check MEC Midtown

Customize your bike to fit your needs as a parent and mule- This is my wife’s trusty steed that we both use to haul the kids around the neighbourhood.  It’s a MEC Midtown townie equipped with an ibert front toddler seat and DIY balance bike carrier. We use it almost daily, be it a trip […]


DIY Bike Storage Rack

I have a work bench.  It has a vise and is full of tools.  Their is a lot of WD 40 on its shelf.  Between my engineer Dad and carpenter/architect father-in-law I have received a bottle of said WD40 for Christmas the last four years.  No bottle has ever been sprayed. I am not a […]


Just Say No to the Coaster Brake

With 20 inch wheel bikes (typically ages 6 and up), hand brakes are almost always provided and with good reason.  However, when it comes to 12, 14 and 16 inch pedal bikes, not only is difficult to find a good bike geometry and fit wise, it is also difficult to find a bike with a […]

Spawn Furi

The Resale Value of Quality Kids’ Bikes

The resale value of good kids’ bikes may be surprising- You get what you pay for.  This statement holds true for kid’s bikes and equipment.  I’m a thrifty guy but I overcome any impulse to cheap out when it comes to kids’ bike gear.  From experience, the cheap knee pads, gloves or 12 inch pedal […]

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Winter Fat Biking with a Kids’ Trailer on Skis

Step 1- Keep Your Kids Warm and Entertained in the Bike Trailer Some people say kids are like little furnaces and I agree to a certain point. Kids’ bodies stay warm when you dress them up right but their extremities always seem to fluctuate. Proper gloves or boots are important, but making sure layers are […]