It’s time for BMX

BMX Season is here…Sign up the kids now Spring is here and it’s time to think about outdoor activities for the kids.  If you are cyclists you have probably thought about introducing your kids to BMX racing.  Even if you are not a biker yourself perhaps flash backs of the 80’s movie RAD has been […]

Ice Cream

Getting Kids Motivated to Ride Bikes

Every Winter I wonder if my eldest will be as “stoked” to ride come Spring as he was the previous Fall. We are lucky enough to be able to ride all year round but the relentless rain and damp/cold days in the Pacific Northwest definitely cramp the desire to get on the bike. My kids […]

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Spawn Banshee Review

Spawn is a small kids’ bike manufacturer out of Squamish, Canada.  Born out of the lack of quality kids’ bikes, Spawn set out to design and manufacture bikes that were lighter and had better components than what was previously available.  The passion of those behind this company is evident in every detail of their bikes- […]


Reader Question: When to hand down and when to pedal up

Here at thebikedads.com we are a community to help other parents navigate the world of kids bikes. So chime in below if you have any advice for Peter. This question comes to us from Peter Morrison Hey Bike Dads, I need some advice.  I have an almost 4 year old daughter and and almost 2 […]


First Look: The Woom 1

We are a big fan of balance bikes.  We are also fans of quality made bikes that are well designed and well thought out.  At first glance, the Woom 1 looks different.  It’s low step through and bright coloured frame definatley catches your attention.  When you look closer you start to see all the details […]


First Look: Tyke Toter

We were stoked to see this in the mailbox yesterday! I first found out about the Tyke Toter while researching a similar style of seat  that was having production delays.  We outlined these new front mounted style of seats in a previous post but we had not yet tried any of them…until today. The Tyke Toter arrived and […]

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Strider Balance Bike Review

Strider Balance Bikes are probably the most popular balance bikes in North America and for good reason.  The light weight design and affordable model options make this bike a great choice for your child’s first set of two wheels.  Strider has also given back to the sport by developing a BMX race class for run […]

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Finding Your Own Balance

Lets talk about Mom and Dad time- Balance is  the word that resonates in parents’ heads as they reminisce of times gone by. Balance is the word I cursed as I watched Colin on the North shore and I picked myself up after crashing on yet another ‘skinny’. Balance is the word my wife and […]

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Bumps, Bruises and Crashes

Taking a spill is inevitable while learning to ride a bike.  Kids’ learn by testing their limits,  whether its asking for cake for dinner 7 nights in a row or leaning their balance bike on a 65 degree angle to make the turn at the bottom of the driveway.  The urge to cover them in […]


Kidsworx Whistler

Every summer the world mountain bike community flocks to Whistler Canada to celebrate all things biking!  The ten days of the festival are jammed pack with mountain bike competition and spectacle.  In recent years the Whistler organizers have created Kidsworx, a series of kid events to let the little ones join the action and be […]


A Different Kind of Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

We are big fans of front mounted bike seats. They position the child in front of you, allowing them to see ahead and anticipate what’s coming ahead. Further, the weight is distributed equally over the bike which offers a very stable ride, even at slow speeds.  A limitation of front mounted and defiantly rear mounted […]

Full Face

Kids Full Face Helmets

The Time We Forgot the Full Face Helmet We travelled to Sweden this past Summer and decided to bring my son’s 16 inch Spawn Banshee for him to cruise around Stockholm and the surrounding countryside.  We packed light and ditched the full face helmet for his half shell as we had no intention of hitting […]


The First Pedal Bike

Teaching a child to ride a bike is rewarding.  The emotions of seeing your kin pedal off down the block for the first time is amazing.  Making sure their first few attempts on pedals are successful is essential.  As a parent, you can set up your little one up for success by picking the right […]