Front Mounted Child Seats

We love front mounted seats. So much so, we don't even bother with rear mounted seats unless fit is an issue (which is very rare). Having the child in front of you is a totally different experience, it's interactive and fun! Handling and steering is superior in our opinion as well. Both of us started our kids in front seats at 12 months of age and our trailers were soon collecting dust...So what's holding you back?


We love this seat. We have both used the seat extensively with all our kids. 12 months of age is a good place to start. It mounts to the spacers under your headset and with a little patience can fit most mountain bikes. We use it both on our mountain bikes and our townies with little mounting issues. The child is secure within the shell of the seat and it has some harness straps to keep them from climbing out in addition to a safety bar. 

MSRP: $99.95 US  |  Where to buy: amazon 

iBert Install Video

Thule RideAlong Mini

The Thule is the Cadillac of front mounted seats. Super refined and loaded with features, the RideAlong includes comfy padded straps, adjustable foot stirrups, grab handle, and a lock. Like other front seats, the Thule mounts to the stem via bolted bracket which has a quick release. It is a great seat aimed at the 9 month to 3 years crowd (weight restriction of 33 lbs).

MSRP: $169 US  |  Where to buy: amazon, Backcountry

Thule RideAlong Mini Video

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