Bike Car Racks

Kuat NV 2.0 and Add on

We both use this rack and love it. It carries road bikes and Fat bikes with up to 4.8 inch wide tires. Kids bikes are also accommodated with a 20 inch adapter (takes a minute to put on). We have even squeezed on 16 inch kids bikes with a few mods. The tool  free cam system keeps the rack super secure with no sway or movement, even with the add-on which increases the capacity to four bikes. It takes only five minutes to attach the add-on for family outings so we keep the 2 rack platform for the majority of the time and install the add-on only when necessary. The bike stand feature has also come in handy for road trip repairs.

Where to buy: Backcountry | MSRP: $549 USD | Add on MSRP: $389