24 Inch Front Suspension Bikes

As mountain bikers, we are definitely looking for suspension in a 24 inch bike for our kids. The question is Hardtail or Full Suspension for this 7-12 categorey? Like in 20 inch bikes, its hard to beat the weight and efficiency of a good hardatil. However, as the kids become stronger and more specific to certain terrain, the jump to a full suspension may be warranted. Here we run down some amazing hardtails that will rule the singletrack or the local 4 pack of Dirt Jumps.

24 Inch Front Suspension Trail Bikes

Prevelo Zulu 4

This is a mountain bike ready to tackle singletrack and steep terrain under a pilot in the 8-11 age range . With an 80 mm travel Suntor Air fork, Zee clutch derailleur and 11-34 Cassette, 2.1 inch kenda tires, 68.5 degree head angle and hydraulic disc brakes, the Zulu 4 is home railing singletrack and blasting curbs around the neighborhood.

Weight: 25.7 lbs | MSRP: $899 | Min-Max seat height: 26"-32.6" |  Where to buy: Prevelo

Commencal Meta HT+

New for 2018, like the 20 inch version, this is a very interesting bike. A 120 mm air fork, hydraulic brakes, Sram X7 drive train, plus size 2.6 inch wide kenda tires and weighing in sub 26 lbs, this little machine offers a lot of value and unique offering. Short chain stays and 67 degree HA, this is going rip the downhills in a very fun way.

Weight: 25.8 lbs | MSRP: $1,019 | fit: 50"-59" |  Where to buy: Ready Set Pedal

Spawn Yama Jama 24

One of the nicest dedicated 24 inch trail bikes we have seen. The Yama Jama pushes the envelope with wide tubeless capable rims and rebound adjustable 80 mm fork. Light Weight and progressive geometry with a 68 degree HA inspires confidence. With an 11-36 T  sram GX drive train, Spawn continues push kids bikes to a new level. 

Weight: N/A | MSRP: $1150 | Min-Max seat inseam: 22"-28" |  Where to buy: Spawn

24 Inch Dirt Jumpers

Spawn Kotori 24

A dedicated single speed dirt jumper (no derailleur option), this bike is made to boost the dirt jumps with steez. Think age 9 plus on this bike.

Weight: 22 lbs | MSRP: $1,150 | Min-Max inseam: 22"-29" |  Where to buy: Spawn

Little Shredder Icon 24

Fits kids 4'5" to 5', this 23 inch stand-over dedicated dirt jumper is extremely well built and comes tricked out with a top part spec. 

Weight: 20- 22 lbs | MSRP: $2350 US |  Where to buy: Little Shredder

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