20 Inch Bikes

Once you hit 20 inch wheels, coaster brakes are a thing of the past and the options are endless! With many great bikes in the 20" category, narrow your search to what suits your needs. Disc brakes, front suspension, rear suspension...there are many things to consider. That said, weight and geometry are still a priority as is being realistic in the terrain you and the kiddos are riding. Here we look at the fully rigid 20 inch bikes we like.

Woom 4

One of the lightest bikes for the 6-8 crowd that has gearing, the Woom 4 is an amazing bike. Like all Woom's, the geometry is nailed for kids. Gripshift with optional trigger shift (how awesome is that choice?), any 6-9 year old will be loving this amazing machine.

Weight: 17.5 lbs | MSRP: $449 | Min-Max seat height: 19.68"-27.56" |  Where to buy: woom

Prevelo Alpha 3

Following the trend, Prevelo's 20 inch bike is a perfect build for 6-9 year olds. Trigger shift instead of Grip, we have had good experiences with both styles of shifters for kids and prefer trigger in mountain bikes for kids. This bike also uses 1 1/8 headset so you can play around with spare stems and bars laying around the garage is you are so inclined.

Weight: 18.9 lbs | MSRP: $449 US | Min-Max seat height: 20.7"-25.5" |  Where to buy: prevelo

Isla Beinn 20

A 7 speed Sram X4 grip shift equipped speed demon, you can nail the fit with 2 sizes of this 20 inch bike. Very light and excellent part spec. Bigger wheels do make a difference in kiddo's ability to keep speed and endure longer rides. It's nice that Isla recognizes this and aims to get 5 year old's on 20 inch wheels with great design and light weight bikes.

Weight: 17.8 lbs | MSRP: $549 US | Min-Max seat height: 18.5"-23" (small)  and 20.5"-24.5"  (large) |  Where to buy: Isla Bikes

Early Rider Belter Trail 3

Fantastic belt driven 3 spd hub trail bike. Light weight, low maintenance, mechanical disc brakes and wide 2.0 Maxxis tires make this a great trail bike. Like the Spawn Raiju, this is a true mountain bike for dirt oriented kids 6-9 years old.

Weight: 18.6 lbs | MSRP: $749 US | Min-Max seat height: 22"-26" |  Where to buy: Jenson USA

Spawn Raiju 20

A proper mountain bike, the Raiju is a robust frame paired with a sram 7 spd trigger shift drive train with a 17-28 cassette. Mechanical disc brakes and wider 2 inch kenda small block tires really separates this bike as trail oriented beast. Any 6-9 year old with a taste of single track will love this bike.

Weight: 20.9 lbs | MSRP: $600 US | Min-Max inseam :  19"-24" |  Where to buy: Spawn Cycles

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