16 Inch Front Suspension Bikes

Pint sized mountain bikes/dirt jumpers, these bikes pack amazing design and parts spec into the smallest of packages. Four year olds now have the right tool for the right job. Yes, they are expensive but if you love mountain biking and your kiddo loves it too...the experience is priceless. Be wary of other 16 inch bikes with front suspension as we would say only these bike have the right kind of fork.

Flow Kids Bikes 16

Available in 16 and 20 inch wheel sizes and adjustable geometry (reach plus HA), this bike also has a big fit range. It's awesome. An air fork with rebound adjust, the suspension works with even the littlest of riders. Home mechanics will love the adjustable drop outs, easy to bleed mineral oil brakes, threaded BB (although increases q factor a bit) and standard sized parts. We just took delivery of this bike and are blown away.

MSRP: $950-$1400 | Min-Max inseam: 15"-19" |  Where to buy: Flow Kids Bikes

Little Shredder Icon

With two top tube lengths available and the ability to run both 16 and 20 inch wheels, this frame is truly amazing. The smaller frame in a 16 inch wheel format will accommodate a rider as small as 3 feet tall. The larger frame and 20 inch wheel setting will fit up to 4 foot 6. You also have the ability to customize the bike as a dirt jumper or a trail bike complete with drive train. We have this bike and its on kiddo number three, it is truly incredible.

MSRP: $1950-$2250 US |  Where to buy: Little Shredder

Slater Bikes Gateway

Many options for this rad little frame. 16/18/20 inch wheel builds with the option for rigid or suspension fork, you can also go with a single speed DJ build or opt for a 7 spd trail killer. Another family pouring the passion of shredding bikes into amazing kids bikes. Reach out and these guys can get your kin railing berms and airing doubles in no time.

MSRP: $900-$1500 US |  Where to buy: Slater Bikes

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