16 Inch Pedal Bikes

Gone are the days of big box/big brand heavy hunks of junk. This is a revolution. There are now multiple brands putting out amazingly light, great geometry 16 inch free wheel bikes that are accelerating skill development and showing what is possible for 4 to 6 year olds. These are game changing bikes, don't be left with a pile of heavy framed coaster brake bikes collecting dust in the garage. One of these bikes is the way to go!

Woom 3

Nothing was over looked when designing this bike.  Incredibly light and well built, this is the best bike for learning to ride, neighbourhood jaunts and can handle light trail use. It also spent plenty of time bunny hopping and jumping under our 5 year old test pilot. Woom offers an option to ship with the SRAM Automatix 2 spd hub. Of note,there is a weight penalty with the Automatix and  we would recommend the single speed option unless you have a really proficient peddler. Check out our review.

Weight: 12.5 lbs | MSRP: $369 US, $495 CDN | Min-Max seat height: 19.3"-25" |  Where to buy: woom, amazon canada

Prevelo Alpha 2

Great Geometry and very respectable weight, this 16 inch offering checks all the boxes. Aimed at kids 3.5 -6 year old, be sure to purchase the shorter seat post for $1 to accommodate all seat heights. We also love the aesthetics of the Prevelo frames...burly! 

Weight: 14.5 lbs | MSRP: $359 US | Min-Max seat height: 17.7"-19.8" (up to 26" with optional longer post) | Where to buy: prevelo

Spawn Banshee- UPDATE, NOW YOJI 16

A genre defining bike, this little ripper is aimed at all 4-6 year olds looking to have good times on bikes.  Your best bet for adventurous kids who are equally likely to hit bmx track as they are to take a trip to the ice cream store.  Check out our review. The new YOJI 16 is a little lighter, new seat and has a reversible stem. Basically, a refined Banshee, very nice!

Weight: 14.3 lbs | MSRP: $380 US, $495 CDN | Min-Max inseam: 16.5"-21.5" |  Where to buy: spawn 

Stampede Sprinter 16

Extreme value in this little bike. Sure it is a bit heavier than more premium priced  bikes but good geometry, wide bars, dirt jump tires, internal cable routing, lock on grips make this a winner.  Not wanting to spend $300-400 on a kids bike? Get this! Our review is coming soon...

Weight: 18 lbs | MSRP: $229 US | Min-Max seat height: 22"-26" |  Where to buy: amazon, stampedebikes

Early Rider Belter 16

Amazingly light and a cool belt driven drive train, this is a uniquely designed bike that also has our favourite feature...a freewheel. 

Weight: 13 lbs | MSRP: $395 US | Min-Max seat height: 18.5"-23" |  Where to buy: Amazon

Cleary Hedgehog

A nice light steel framed 16 inch bike.  Alloy parts, free wheel and v brakes, this little bike is both aesthetically pleasing and well made. On the aggressive end of the riding position spectrum, you can get a riser bar to better suit more timid riders. We love the weight and price but not so keen on the geometry for most kids.

Weight: 16 lbs | MSRP: $335 US | Min-Max seat height: 19"-26" |  Where to buy: backcountry.com

Isla CNOC 16

The CNOC 16 available in the US has a coaster brake while the European version has a freewheel and two hand brakes.  We really like this bike and would not hesitate to buy the freewheel European version.  Slightly more aggressive riding position and gear than woom 3 but not as off road oriented as Spawn Banshee, it fits nice in the 16 inch offerings. Amazing quality and design but for $420 US and and no free wheel we would recommend the Woom 3, Prevelo Alpha 2, Early Rider or Spawn Banshee over the CNOC 16.

Weight: 13.5-14.5 lbs | MSRP: 279 GBP, $420 US | Min-Max seat height: 18.5"-22.5" |  Where to buy: islabikes, islabikesusa


  1. I’m looking to retrofit a larg(ish) jogging stroller with 16″ wheels that are of the “Fat” variety.
    Have you guys seen anything close to 3 to 3.5″ wide, 16″ diameter wheelset? Any help appreciated.

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