14 Inch Pedal Bikes

We love these bikes. Pint size and ready to rip, these are the bikes to look at for the ages of 3 and 4. Get the first bike right as it sets the tone for years to come. A free wheel, 14 inch rims and two hand brakes is what we recommend. We really dislike coaster brakes and believe with these bikes there is no need to look elsewhere. Woom, Spawn and Prevelo have raised the game for the first pedal bike. Everyone else needs to catch up. We have purposely left out 12 inch bikes as we don't think the value is there nor the correct geometry and spec on anything currently available.

Woom 2

Woom nails this starter 14" pedal bike. We have spent loads of time on the Woom line of bikes and our smallest learned to pedal on the Woom 2 this Spring. The weight and geometry of the bike is truly amazing which makes the littlest of riders able to turn the cranks with ease. The lightest and slackest in the field, it's also a trail slaying 14 inch! Make sure to order the free wheel kit as if comes standard with a coaster if shipped to US. OUR FULL REVIEW HERE.

Weight: 11.3 lbs | MSRP: $339 US | Min-Max seat height: 16.9"-19.8" |  Where to buy: woom, amazon canada

Prevelo Alpha One

With a super low minimum seat height, this great little bike nails fit, geometry and features. Like the Woom 2, make sure  to order the freewheel kit ($12) with the Alpha One as Prevelo ships it stock with a coaster brake in the US.

Weight: 13.45 lbs | MSRP: $359 US | Min-Max seat height: 15.6"-17.5" |  Where to buy: Prevelo

Spawn Furi UPDATE: Replaced with Yoji 14

We started our first kiddo on the Furi and we didn't look back. The new Yoji knocks down the weight and stand over, amazing! Wider 1.9 inch tires and bmx influenced this bike is equally at home at the bmx track as it is on the neighborhood pavement.

Weight: 13.3 lbs | MSRP: $370 US, $515 CDN | Min-Max inseam: 14"-20" |  Where to buy: spawn 

Stampede Sprinter 14

Like its 16 inch big brother, the 14 inch Sprinter packs a lot of bike for the price. Freewheel, two handbrakes and good geometry make this an attractive little bike. A bit heavier and higher minimum seat height than the more premium priced bikes, the Sprinter 14 is a good fit for kids 3.5 and up.

Weight: 16 lbs | MSRP: $239 US | Min-Max seat height: 18"-23" |  Where to buy: Stampede Bikes

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